Full-service creative, games and AR/VR studio

We’ve worked on AR/VR, creative and game projects since 1994 and are the right partner for you in any kind of endeavour – from prototyping to major production.


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Be the first

AR/VR Innovation

  • Ideation and prototyping
  • Newest technology, e.g. Oculus Rift, Gear VR
  • Sensor-controlled content
  • AR/VR production and partner network
  • Web-based and native delivery

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Gamify the world

Full-Service Game Studio

  • Game prototyping
  • Studio planning and management
  • Game studio partner network
  • Distribution and marketing
  • Production and delivery

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Make creative things happen

Creative agency & production

  • Creative services
  • Project management and coordination
  • Artist freelancer & partner network
  • Brainstorming and prototyping
  • Production and delivery

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Toywheel Vision

My vision is to equip people with roots & wings. What does this mean? For me it means a combination of courage, creativity and curiosity to playfully leverage the newest technology in order to augment the natural human abilities and to empower everyone to easily achieve unbelievably complex things.

Evgeni Kouris
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Evgeni Kouris

Founder, CEO

Artist, computer engineer and entrepreneur passionate about connecting art with technology and creating meaningful products enabling people.

  • In order to natively explore the digital world, kids need to connect their digital experiences to real life. Toywheel provides inspirations and ideas to help establishing such connections in a creative, playful education process.

  • Toywheel has a great team with a really good idea. I see a huge potential for them. My kids and I love their first Digital Toys already and we cannot await them to come out!

  • Together with Toywheel we want to change the learning culture across the world towards more learning by playing. We help children to maintain their curiosity, creativity and optimism.