Digital Toys – Endless Play Fun without Addiction


Don’t worry about:

  • In-app purchases, Ads
  • Addictive game design
  • High interactivity
  • Repetitive loops
  • Being winner or loser


Instead, you can expect:

  • Endless, intuitive play
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Lots of fun
  • Play patterns kids love
  • Real world connection

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People Behind Toywheel

We believe that we can combine the interactivity of games with educational value and creativity of real-world toys, thus we are producing ‘Digital Toys’.

Evgeni Kouris
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Evgeni Kouris

Founder, CEO

Artist, computer engineer and entrepreneur passionate about connecting art with technology and creating meaningful products enabling people.

Vivid N. Savitri
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Vivid N. Savitri

Founder, Experience Director

Gamer, Designer, and Technology Enthusiast with a thing for singularity, sky diving and anything geeky (although not necessarily quintessential). Vivid is a highly talented UX designer and a successful entrepreneur who already experienced building and selling her own startup in the past.

Christian Bittler
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Christian Bittler

Founder, CTO

Serial entrepreneur, producer, engineer and game designer with +25 years in the game industry.

Evan Weintraub
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Evan Weintraub


World traveler, Excel wizzard and reformed banker committed to making sure the lights stay on in the office while the team tries to change the world.

Marjan Plöderl
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Marjan Plöderl

Head of Digital Toys Engineering

Communication designer and developer who loves to hack games, new technology and education.

Baptiste Garmy
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Baptiste Garmy

Head of Marketing (intern)

French touch of the company, connecting parents and kids around the world to our mission.

  • In order to natively explore the digital world, kids need to connect their digital experiences to real life. Toywheel provides inspirations and ideas to help establishing such connections in a creative, playful education process.

  • Toywheel has a great team with a really good idea. I see a huge potential for them. My kids and I love their first Digital Toys already and we cannot await them to come out!

  • Together with Toywheel we want to change the learning culture across the world towards more learning by playing. We help children to maintain their curiosity, creativity and optimism.