For all adventurers and explorers: Visit the Worlds of Toy Drive!

The light is beaming through the window

Light beaming through the window on today’s Western playground

Always dreamed of being in the Wild West? Well then let the adventure begin. With Toy Drive’s Western World, you can drop in to the Wild West any time. Hanging out in your room? Great, then you’re ready to get started! First, you’ll need to pick a car to help you explore – maybe the cool new monster truck, maybe our old friend Wheely, the yellow racecar. Next, place your car on the ground and let Cowboy Jack hop on. Now off you go! How about heading over to the saloon first? Once you’re inside, you’ll automatically be transported to the gold mine. Cool, right? And don’t forget to try the loop-the-loops. You can also show off your driving skills by weaving through the barrels and cacti.
And don’t worry about getting into an accident, Jack is always there to fix up your car and help you get back on the road. So why not take a spin through one of the other worlds? Don’t forget, Toy Drive has four fascinating worlds ready for you to explore.
See you there!
Written with love in Berlin,
Esther from Toywheel

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