#ARToys: Extended Deadline + Introducing Michaela Haberlander

As we are heading towards the deadline for submission of the AR Toys Competition we run jointly with Metaio. We received many awesome applications and would love to reveal the next Jury Member today.
But, there is one important announcement to make – we will extend the submission deadline to the end of month, to give more kids a chance to submit to the competition during the school vacation time!

New Submission Deadline: June 30, 2014

So now, today we would like to introduce the second member of our beloved AR Toys Jury …. drum roll…..

Who are you?

Michaela Haberlander! 
MICHAELA HABERLANDER – Born and grew up in Bavaria, Michaela startet already during her post graduate term working for the then Bavarian media mogul Leo Kirch. After several years in sales, marketing, finance and consulting within the film industry, she was engaged by the European Animation Producers’ Association CARTOON as a chairperson for international venues such as CARTOON MOVIE and CARTOON FORUM and as a speaker at the CARTOON MASTERS. In 2009, the Bavarian Government decided to invest in the ever growing games industry by establishing a funding program for the development and production of computer games. Since then Michaela is concentrating on further developing the Bavarian games industry.

How to find in www?

 AR Toys competition is awesome because…

Entertainment for kids has always been in the center of my professional activities which range from merchandising to sales & acquisition of children’s programs to the financing of computer games with a highly cultural and pedagogical value. I spent many years in visiting toy shops to follow latest trends and styles and to see how national or international IPs were transformed into new toys for kids. Some of them became classics for my own family. It’s a huge responsibility to develop toys for the upcoming generations who will live and experience themselves in a more and more digitized word. For me is not only fun but a challenge and honor as well to become an active part in it.
Submit your ideas for the AR Toys Competition until June 30 here.

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