ARToys Jury Member #4: Introducing Leah Hinton

We are about to review the awesome applications to the AR Toys competition. Today, we would like to introduce the 4th member of our awesome AR Toys Jury …. drum roll…..

Who are you?

Leah Hinton! 
Leah-promo-250x250Leah is from New Zealand and has been living in Berlin for 5 years. She has been teaching in schools around the world for 9 years and is now the primary school Music and Digital Arts teacher at Berlin Metropolitan School. Leah is also a musician herself and plays in three bands! In August 2013 she decided to make her method of teaching creativity available to kids around the world and she co-founded an Edtech company called TechSpaghetti to bring that vision to life.

How to find in www?

See more at

 AR Toys competition is awesome because…

Creativity is the most valuable tool we can give kids. And they LOVE being creative. When I mentioned this competition to a couple of my classes they got crazy with excitement, and I heard them talking about it later in the playground too. Kids are naturally creative, and competitions like this give them practical outcome-driven ways to explore and focus their ideas. It could be the catalyst that inspires a child to enter into this field and make a career out of their creativity.

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