ARToys Jury Member #5: Introducing Béa Beste

Today, we would like to introduce the 5th member of our awesome AR Toys Jury …. drum roll…..

Who are you?

Béa Beste! 

I’m an edupreneur! I’ve studied Economical Engineering at TU Berlin and Communication at the University of Fine Arts. During my studies, I established a trend monitor in order to pay the babysitter for my baby daughter. After my studies, I’ve worked then for SAT.1 television and The Boston Consulting Group. Starting 2005 I founded Phorms Education, a chain of bilingual private schools for grades K to 12 in Germany and have been its CEO until January 2011. Inspired by an education expedition through India, Australia, Indonesia and the US, I developed the Playducation approach to merge the world of play with the world of learning. In 2012 I founded, a monthly box full of ideas and material to foster the natural creativity and curiosity of young children and help parents spend quality time with them. I engage with NFTE and participates in the Business@School initiative of BCG to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in education.

How to find in www?

See more at

 AR Toys competition is awesome because…

Augmented reality is the next big thing. Kids love it – and in order to be good learners, they need to master both the analog and the digital worlds.

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