ARToys Jury Member #6: Introducing Rolf Kosakowski

Today, we would like to introduce the 6th and last member of our awesome AR Toys Jury …. drum roll…..

Who are you?

Rolf Kosakowski! 
Rolf Kosakowski46 years old Rolf Kosakowski has been an entrepreneur ever since he left school in xxxxx. He is a huge fan of digital stuff, in fact, there is a load of gadgets in his office and he can answer any question related to digital tools. Since the age of 17, Rolf has managed his own advertising agency, KB&B – The Kids Group. The company now has 25 employees, and Rolf operates it together with his wife, Julia. They consult cus-tomers like Super RTL, Sony Entertainment, Lufthansa, MIGROS, and many others in their international marketing activities in the kids and family market.

How to find in www?

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 AR Toys competition is awesome because…

Augmented Reality is a huge chance for every kind of app development. Merging real life and fictional storytelling is just the perfect concept for any kind of toy. I am very happy to learn more about the ideas and especially curious about the concepts the juniors hand in. By the way, app development is our most important new business field at KB&B – The Kids Group. Maybe I will be spotting some new talents?

In your words – what’s the potential in Augmented Reality for kids?

“Kids have a huge benefit when compared to adults: They are very curious and adapt to new technologies quickly and joyful. I believe that Augmented Reality can teach in a way that has not been possible before. Furthermore, AR has the ability to lift kid’s fantasy to new levels. I see a lot of potential in AR-apps.”

What would you like upcoming apps for kids to be like?

As with any kind of app, children application should also be technically high perform-ing?, entertaining and secure. It is self-evident that they may not implement sale-calls, since this in inappropriate for children – and, not to mention, illegal. They should ad-dress kids at their level: If the target group is preschoolers the app must operate with-out text. If it is for teenagers, then safe communication tools should be included. But most of all, I wish that the new concepts that come out of this competition are mind blowing, creative and fresh;In other words,something that we have never seen before. So, Good luck to all the competitors. I am excited to learn about your ideas.
More on KB&B – The Kids Group
By analyzing the children market trends, and developing individual strategies – from TV-Spot to website, online, offline and apps – they develop international advertising campaigns. Rolf is really proud of KB&B’s latest baby: The Lufthansa children app „Take-Off! The fun-packed journey for little passengers”, which is now ranked among the top 10 free ipad apps for kids on the iTunes Store. Rolf’s Motto is: “Crazy enough to be taken seriously by kids! Serious enough to make adults understand that it’s not crazy!”

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