Things are getting colorful! Candy Land, the sweet new world from Toy Drive.

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Things are getting colorful! Candy Land, the sweet new world from Toy Drive

Who wouldn’t want to take a ride through Candy Land, a magical place where colorful candy canes and gigantic donuts sprout up from the ground? Well, what’re you waiting for – just hop on the ice cream truck, grab Lucky Lolli as your passenger and it’s off you go! First, let’s check out the gumball machine. As soon as you drive up to the blue ramp, you’ll automatically be whizzed up to the top. From there, take a bold leap and it’s back down you go, amidst a shower of gumballs. Now, you’re all set to make some cool music as you drive over the piano keys.
Ready to take a dive into the cake? Surprise! You fall through the ground and pop out of a different cake – it turns out these yummy treats are actually portals. And it’s no big deal if you accidentally knock over a few lollipops while you’re driving around, they’ll grow right back. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit the Popcorn House and pop some popcorn. A visit to Candy Land wouldn’t be complete without it.

insert candyMiriam’s submissions – won our 1st screenshot competition

See how much cool stuff there is in Toy Drive? It’s all there waiting for you to explore, whenever and wherever you want. So see you there soon!
See you there!
Written with love in Berlin,
Esther from Toywheel
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