Toywheel on Android and more news

  Let’s spin the wheel Toy Car RC and Toy Drive are now available for Android, meaning even more parents and kids around the world have the opportunity to play with both the free and paid versions of our first digital toy. Looking back, we...
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Looking for a new adventure? Tap & drive!

We listened to your awesome feedback and are thrilled to announce that the new update for Toy Car RC is now ready for download! If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that having fun should be really, really simple. That’s why we added a sweet...
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New Toywheel app: Toy Drive out now!

Discover limitless fun driving virtual RC cars! We are very happy to introduce Toy Car RC’s “big brother”: Toy Drive – released to the App Store for iPad and iPhone. Download now for just $2.99! Toy Drive extends the well received...
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