Toy Drive – Place a Driving Game in the Real World with Augmented Reality

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“Awesome handling! – I really enjoy the app. It´s a super funny way to engage kids in understanding the virtual world and link it to the real one. My niece was super amused (7 yrs) and played in the bathroom, the kitchen and even in the garden. Worth to download!”

Toy Drive is the full version of Toy Car RC, which has been downloaded more than 100k times globally and hit #1 in the iPad charts for kids 6-8 in over 25 countries.

With Toy Drive, you can beam into a total of 5 interactive worlds and drive 6 awesome vehicles (ice cream truck, spaceship, jeep etc.). The worlds are full of cool features like robots, ramps, loops and even flying fish!

This version includes a cool new world with the ability to recognize real objects – WINTER WORLD. We’ve also included a few special touches for the holiday season.

+ 6 awesome virtual vehicles that you can beam into the real world using your device’s camera
+ 5 fun virtual worlds with tons of interactive elements to discover
+ Spaceship with a virtual hangar that transports the cars from world to world
+ Kid-friendly interface
+ Multiple steering options – tap where you want to go, or use the virtual joystick
+ No course, no finish line – drive however and wherever you want!
+ Helpful characters that can ride along and repair any damage from crashes
+ No in-app purchases

With the help of augmented reality (AR) technology, Toy Drive allows you and your kids to experience an interactive simulation of driving a virtual remote controlled (RC) car through the real world. In order to work, the app requires that your device’s camera recognize a target image. You can print out the free, pre-made target images included in the app or create temporary ones by taking pictures with your device’s camera.

Toy Drive is specifically designed for kids 6+ years old. At this age, kids love making up their own stories. We recommend that you print out different targets and place them in different rooms around the house. Then, let your kids go from room to room with the device (“Spaceship”) while imagining Wheely and his friends’ adventures in the different worlds.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your engines!

“This augmented-reality kids toy will make you feel so old” (VentureBeat)
“Toywheel is bringing more of a human agenda into digital” (FastCoexist)
“A cool way to get kids interested in emerging technologies like Augmented Reality” (ARNews.TV)

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