Meet Toywheel #1: Christian!

We want you all to get to know our team members a bit better, so we’ll be introducing ourselves here on the blog one-by-one. Today, let’s meet Christian, our CTO.

Name: Christian Bittler

At Toywheel since: 2013

From: Berlin

2014-08-05_080052Christian – CTO

What did you do before Toywheel?
I have been in the games industry for over 20 years now. Previously I was employed at b.AND.x Estudios S.L. in Palma de Mallorca working on Eques Manipulator, a 3rd person action adventure game for consoles and PC. Before that, I was working primarily as game designer, studio head or any other tasks that need to be worked or to get the job done.

What do you do at Toywheel?
I am the CTO at Toywheel and try to keep the development on track, in the long term. I am the technical architect of the full vision. As well I do game design, programming – and joining meetings. Our team and me are always looking for talented people to join us and develop fantastic games.

Why Toywheel?
Because it is one of the last companies in this world who have a vision and wants to create funny and cool toys and games by connecting the mobile device with the real life. Try our game Toy Car RC for free!

How would you summarize yourself in one tweet?
Once upon a time, when there was no Internet and no cell phone and when game consoles were completely unknown, I created my own games to play. With LEGO and cardboard boxes and if necessary I used scissors, color and glue. The fantasy was the engine and there was no space for boredom. At this time television consisted of three channels only which were not really children compatible. For my friends it was not much different, so we had go outside and make our first MMO experience, in real-life, out on the field. The years ran by and as things like school and family made it more difficult to free up time to play games, I grabbed the profession as an application developer on mainframes.
My imagination then led the way and so I became a game developer and this is still my passion.

[Editor’s note: despite our best efforts to cut this down, we eventually accepted the fact that Christian simply can’t be summarized in 140 characters]

What’s your favorite feature of a Toywheel app?
The Ice Cream Truck from Toy Drive, including an auto reloader!

IMG_0741 chris

What was your favorite toy or game when you were a kid?
The sandbox.
Which movie inspired you to dream when you were a kid?
Stalingrad – he he…no, just kidding. Jules Verne (the complete stories) and The Time machine (old movie).

Imagine it’s 2030 and you’re a 10 year-old boy – what toys or games would you be playing with?
Sandbox and/or Lego. Old style. Yes, this is still fantastic for me.

Thanks for the interview, Christian!

PS: Click here to see the rest of my posts – each week, I’ll share tips and stories about Toy Drive and its awesome worlds, like Candy Land and Western World. You can also find more info on Toy Drive here, or download the app from the App Store! – See more at:

Written with love in Berlin,
Esther from Toywheel
PS: Click here to see the rest of my posts – each week, I’ll share tips and stories about Toy Drive and its awesome worlds, like Candy Land and Western World.

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