Meet the AR Toys Competition Jury No. 1: Csongor Baranyai

As we are heading towards the deadline for submission (June 15th) of the AR Toys Competition we run jointly with Metaio, we are happing to reveal our awesome AR Toys Competition Jury. These independent experts from all different areas of Entertainment, Gaming and Education for Kids will be selecting winners of AR Toymaker and AR Junior awards with us.
csongorbaranyai_fotoToday we would like to introduce the first member…. drum roll…..

Who are you?

Csongor Baranyai! Csongor ist a freelance Game & Narrative Designer and consultant. Additionally, he works as the head of interactive Media at ifs (international filmschool Cologne) and is a lecturer in gaming/narrative design and interactive storytelling. Seems like a pro, right?

How to find in www?

Only via LinkedIn, but feel free to connect –

 AR Toys competition is awesome because…

“For me as a kid, there was no difference between reality and the worlds in my head. Now we can use technology to blur this line further… I’m looking forward to projects, that can augment not only reality, but a kid’s imagination!”, we should make him happy, right?
Submit your ideas for the AR Toys Competition until June 15th here.

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