New Toywheel app: Toy Drive out now!

Discover limitless fun driving virtual RC cars!

 Toy drive - Discover Limitless Fun Driving in the Real World with  Augmented Reality
We are very happy to introduce Toy Car RC’s “big brother”: Toy Drive – released to the App Store for iPad and iPhone. Download now for just $2.99!
Toy Drive extends the well received augmented reality app Toy Car RC by two new worlds, four new vehicles and includes all future extensions for free! Each vehicle is designed to match a specific world and has different driving behavior:

  • Fly in the FUTURE WORLD with the floating HOVERSHIP
  • Explore WONDER LAND with the friendly CRAWLER
  • Discover WESTERN WORLD with the awesome MONSTER TRUCK
  • Drive in CANDY LAND with the sweet ICE CREAM WAGON


Toy Car RC was featured by Apple, ranked #1 in 15+ countries (iPad apps, kids 6-8) and secured top 10 position in the iPad charts in Germany since the launch. We are extremely happy to see that Toy Drive has also been featured by Apple globally.
Now, it is your turn! Please share your thoughts about Toy Drive and help us make it even better for kids. Ready, set, go!
Warm regards,
Evgeni, Founder & CEO
PS: Can’t wait for the Android version of Toy Drive? We are working on it!

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