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Toywheel @ Apple Store
The TOA Satellite event at the Apple Store Berlin was a huge success for us! We wanted to show the audience a few things that we’ve been working on, and it was awesome to see so many interested people stop by. Evgeni gave some great insight into the world of digital toys and its evolution, particularly the importance for kids of experiencing the world through play… so of course we all had to start playing with some digital toys immediately!
Using iPads from the Apple Store pre-loaded with our latest app, Toy Drive, the audience got to try out driving virtual cars around the room – super fun! Despite the heavy traffic, no accidents were reported, with kids and adults all having a great time.
At the end of the event, Evgeni had an inspiring conversation with one of the youngest members of the audience, a 9-year-old, about augmented reality. We were really excited about this, because it affirmed the vision and ideas that’ve been guiding us over the past few months. We’re now more motivated than ever to keep working on the development of digital toys that help kids reconnect with the physical world. “For me personally this was a dream come true. As a musician, I’ve been a big Apple fan since my band, Timid Tiger, recorded our first demos in the rehearsal room with an old, green G4. Getting a chance to do a keynote at the Apple Store felt a little bit like being a part of this awesome universe. We are so proud to get so much support from Apple as a small startup from Berlin – it makes a huge difference to us, and we’re looking forward to playing around with the new iOS 8 devices even more,” says Evgeni, Toywheel’s Founder.
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