Evgeni – Co-Founder, CEO

“I’m an artist and entrepreneur, thanks to my amazing parents who started very early on to foster my creativity and courage. We all want our children to grow up to be creative and courageous people and we know that of course, education is challenging.”

Evgeni is also a founding member of the band Timid Tiger. In parallel to music career Evgeni studied computer science and economics in Bonn and has over 11 years of experience in IT industry and Consulting. He has supported various startups and social entrepreneurs from Social Lab Cologne and worked within IT practice area of Boston Consulting Group/Platinion for the last five years.


Jana – Co-Founder, Content & Communication

“My childhood dream has always been – my own horse! Being on a horseback as long as I could hold myself upright! I made this dream come true by doing horse trekking in Mongolia! YAY! I am a lifelong adventure junkie. The other girlie-thing I love ever since is communicating! I communicate to our experts, to mothers and fathers, to babysitters and grandparents for making sure we deliver the very best content to parents and, even more important, their children. I get to oversee a fabulous team of talented and dedicated content-magicians and editors who manage to amaze us daily with their ability to find some of the most inspriring kids activities, toys and games.”

Jana studied communication, business & media studies @ university of Cologne and Zurich, stayed at university to do some ‘serious’ work as a research assistant and lecturer, after she built up the editorial office of NetMoms from scratch and now says she knows everything from ablactation to zinc deficiency of soon-to-be-moms…! O la la!


Julian – Design & Frontend

“As a small child I could never get enough of envisioning and building, ships, planes, buildings and robots with Legos. Instructions were never my thing. Combine different elements and create something new, always using the same colored bricks, that was my passion. Even today, playing and designing digital projects is my passion. “

Julian himself is an entrepreneur and he helps us as much as possible with his free time. He has years of experience in the areas of UI design and front-end development.



Hans Raffauf

Berlin42, hy!, Clue

“Toywheel will inspire parents around the globe to help their children grow up into truly creative and courageous people.”


Werner Thole

Uni Kassel

“In order to natively explore the digital world, kids need to connect their digital experiences to real life. Toywheel provides inspirations and ideas to help establishing such connections in a creative, gamified education process.”


Sabine Weyel

Tonka PR

“As a media expert and mother of a little daughter, I care a lot about how our kids grow up to become creative and courageous people in the information age. I am sure that Toywheel will be a very important & fun tool for me and many other parents aiming at this goal”


Henriette Weber

Toothless Tiger,, Geek Girl Denmark

“It’s important that parents see the need for further education of our kids in addition to what they are taught in schools. We can’t solely rely on the school system because it in part is educating our kids for a world that’s not existing anymore.”


Dylan Arena

Stanford University, Kidaptive

“Toywheel has a wonderful vision for helping kids and parents flourish in the 21st century. I want to help by providing an academic perspective on learning technology, especially game-based learning.”


Jörg Rheinboldt

ebay, hub:raum,

“I work with toywheel because it’s a great team with a really good idea. I see a huge potential for them and my kids and I love their product!”


Sebastian Deterding

Coding Conduct, Hamburg University, TED speaker

“As proud godfather and survivor of many a children’s birthday, I know there is a real need for timely suggestions of easy, inspiring, and most of all, fun things to do with your child (or ten of them).”


Aydo Schosswald

Berlin42, hy!

“Toywheel will inspire parents around the globe to help their children grow up into truly creative and courageous people.”


Bea Beste


“Together, we go for a crucial goal: We want to change the learning culture across the world towards more learning by playing. We help children to maintain their curiosity, creativity and optimism. And we help parents to awaken their inner child.”

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