Tinkering with Games at BBIS!

Time to go back to school!

Toywheel Game Design Workshop 2015 @ BBIS
Another adventure lies in front of us: we’ve launched our first 6-weeks game design workshops – “Tinkering with Games for kids” at the Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS). Toywheel mission is to encourage kids from grades 2-5 to not just consume, but also to create using new technology around us. We want to share our knowledge and discover with the kids how video games work. On this mission, we’ll be supported by Gülay Pohlmann (mother of one, blue shirt below), who joined us as a teacher & entrepreneur in residence.
Gülay - while working on the first games with kids
What do we need to build a fun game? What’s a fun game? Why do we like to play and what is the difference between playing with toys and with video games? These are some of the questions we discuss with kids in our workshops. Kids use their sketchbooks, where they collect their ideas, scribbles, artwork they like and ideas for plots, game rules and all the other things you might need for creating your own video game. The cool thing is, that within just the first workshop, kids were able to re-invent all game genres themselves: action games, role-playing games, strategy games etc.
We’ll post more about our experience from the workshop and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to conduct a game design workshop or hackathon in your school!

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