Toy Car RC out now for iOS!

We are happy to announce that our first Digital Toy just released to the App Store.
Drive a virtual car in the real world with augmented reality: download Toy Car RC!
In Toy Car RC you do what feels right. Augmented Reality Digital Toy allows to connect your real world with the mobile device in an intuitive way. Drive from kitchen to living room in the two virtual worlds – Candy Land & Western World – full of interaction & fun as you see in this video:

Toy Car RC requires Augmented Reality targets (one per world) easily printable through the app on every standard printer. The app is specifically designed for kids 6+ years. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your engines – ready, steady, GO!
If you like the app, support Toywheel with your review in the App Store and help us producing more awesome Digital Toys!
Founder & CEO of Toywheel

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