Toywheel Beta App Launch @ hy! Berlin

Toywheel Private Beta Launch, June 2nd @ hy! Berlin

Toywheel Beta Launch, June 2nd @ hy! Berlin

Dear Toywheel Community!
So much is happening at Toywheel and we want to make sure you’re always in the loop.
We are launching our invite-only, free beta app on the next amazing hy! Berlin conference, June 2nd. Our app will provide a new way of access to creative kids education and is running on every online/mobile device!
Today all pre-registered users will receive their personal codes via email to get access to the app as one of the first users.
Those who did not sign-up yet can still do it now on our homepage and will receive an invite later. You’re a big part of our journey, just as you’ve always been a big part of our vision. We look forward to sharing our news.
Thank you,
Evgeni for the Toywheel team
P.s. Want to become part of the Toywheel app? Here’s what you can do.

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