Up, Up and away! Your Awesome Trip to Future World

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It’s time to jet on over to FUTURE WORLD! Let the countdown begin…
…3, 2, 1, 0…blast off! Could there be anything cooler than flying through outer space? Well, before you can try it out, you’ll need to pick a car. The Space-Glider, you say? Great idea! Now, just let the friendly robot hop on board and away you go.
First, try weaving through the fields of magic crystals, or gliding along the elevated pathway. But be careful – there’s an asteroid warning today, not to mention reports of laser-shooting robots! Check out how the crystals burst into thousands of pieces whenever something hits them.
By the way, have you noticed the rocket ship? If you bump into it on your way to check out the lunar landing module, you’ll trigger the launch sequence and send it blasting off into the cosmos. And if you feel tired of the Space-Glider, there’s no need to go back up into the hangar – just drive into the round gate and your car will automatically morph into a different one!
See you in the Future World!
Written with love in Berlin,
Esther from Toywheel
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